Barre Workouts

Barre Workouts

There's a reason dancers have great looking legs and you'll know why after one of these classes! Working your legs with ballet style exercises works muscles you didn't know you had! And it doesn't stop there! You will also work your arms and your abs, leaving no muscle un worked.

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Barre Workouts


  • Power Barre

    A little more intensity and more challenging moves! Doing this class will leave you sweaty and having worked every muscle! You don't even need a barre!

  • 45 Minute Barre Class

    A great class full of arms, leg and core work. Just 45 minutes will leave you feeling like you just did an amazing workout.

  • Power Barre June 23

    Using traditional ballet moves combined with regular exercises, work your entire body: Arms, Legs, & Core! All you need is a pair of 3lbs weight (or soup cans or water bottles), a bender ball (or a cushion or towel) and your mat!

  • 30 Minute Barre-Extra ABS!!

    Workout your entire body with this challenging and fun class! All you need is the space of a mat, 3lb weights (soup cans or water bottles will do) and yourself! Enjoy!!

  • 45 Minute Power Barre

    An intense class that will work every muscle in your body! This is a class to do more than once; building up to get stronger every time! Light weights are used (3lbs) but soup cans or water bottles will work just as well.