Yoga Flow

Yoga Flow

In these classes you will flow through a series of movements to increase muscle strength, increase flexibility and re connect with your body. Flow is slow to moderate pace and you are encouraged to modify where needed. Yoga is not only a great exercise it can also help alleviate anxiety and depression.

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Yoga Flow
  • Power Yoga II-with music

    No matter what your level you can do this class. Just take it at your own pace. Feel free to rest in child's pose if what I'm doing sounds crazy! But challenge yourself and see what happens!


  • Yoga-Continuous Flow

    In this class we will create rhythmic movement by continuing to flow through a sequence several times to feel the moves and connect each move with our breathe.

  • Yoga Flow

    Start your class by grounding yourself and connecting to your mat. Then flow through some invigorating moves to build some heat and move unwanted energy blocks. Finish with stretching and relaxation. You will leave feeling reconnected with your true self.

  • Yoga-Core focus

    Enjoy a fully hour of yoga flow. All you need for this class is your yoga mat.

  • 45 Minute Yoga Flow

    Flow through moves with hip opening and twists to invigorate and cleanse.

  • 60 min Power Yoga

    Taking our yoga practice a little deeper and exploring some new moves that require a little more heat can really help us strengthen and get in tune with your body. Don't let the name scare you! Always take your practice at your own level and modify where needed.

  • 45 Minute Yoga Flow

    Move through sun salutations and more as you reconnect to your body, work your muscles and then stretch and relax. Leave your mat feeling more whole.

  • Yoga Power Abs

    Enjoy a great full yoga flow class with a little extra attention to the core muscles, leaving you will feeling energized and strong

  • 45 Minute Yoga

    Spend 45 minutes connecting with your body and breath, strengthen your body and your mind.

  • Good Morning Yoga

    Start your day from a positive place and notice how much better you fell all day long. This short practice will loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow just enough to wake you up and make you feel your best.

  • 45 Minute Yoga

    Flow, balance, stretch to get all the kinks and knots out of your body while still gaining strength.

  • Ebb & Flow yoga

    Get in touch with yourself and experience how different movements effect how you feel.

  • Tabata Yoga

    A fun twist on yoga, you'll burn more calories, increase strength and feel great. Set to typical Tabata timing of 20/10 intervals, you'll work your whole body.